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  A unique 5-day touring holiday of East Anglia with an intimate selection of accommodation  

In the 21st Century East Anglians inhabit a beautiful area of the UK surrounded by tranquil countryside, stunning coastlines and historical architecture.


The East Anglia Tourist Company. is a family-run business offering you the experience of a unique 5-day touring holiday visiting both the historic and the modern along with the coastal areas of the beautiful East Anglia region of England in the UK.


As a family-run business we are on-hand at all times so you can always be sure of our personal attention - Michele & Stephen

Airport transfers
  Our partners can collect you from any London airport including Stansted, Gatwick, Heathrow or Luton and escort you directly to your chosen accommodation.

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We have carefully selected a choice of hotels for you that offer both quality and value for money.

Based in Bury St Edmunds you can enjoy this magical town at your leisure at the end of each day.

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Our unique 5-day tour programme will take you to the most stunning and historic districts of East Anglia

including famous Cambridge and stunning Norwich.


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Above - Bury St Edmunds Cathedral and the Abbey Gardens in Suffolk, East Anglia .
Bury St Edmunds is the home of the East Anglia Tourist Company and the base for your touring holiday.
Below - Bury St Edmunds plaque at the entrance to the Old English Rose Garden in the Abbey Gardens. Bury St Edmunds has a strong military connection; in history and in the present day.
East Anglia

Just a 90 minute drive from London’s airports lay the rural counties of Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire the region known as East Anglia .

This is where 2000 years ago Queen Bodicea led the Iceni to famous victories over the Roman Empire, destroying Londinium (London) in the process. In 500AD, Angles and The Saxons, from Germany, replaced the Iceni and Great Britain was divided into seven Kingdoms. For 250 years Control of “East Angles” changed hands regularly and then In 869AD invading Danes killed King Edmund and named the lands “East Anglia ”.

But King Edmund lives on giving his name to, Bury St Edmunds, a beautiful old English town and the home of “East Anglia Tourist Company”.

The East Anglia Tourist Company

Michele and I, (Stephen) have lived in East Anglia all our lives and we have created a new tourist experience so that you can enjoy the history, culture and beauty of our land.

By keeping our tours small (a maximum of 14 guests per tour) we can personally help you organise your stay and be your guides as you discover East Anglia’s treasures.

Why not contact us for a chat?

As a family-run business we are on-hand at all times so you can always be sure of our personal attention

Michele & Stephen

Owners and operators of the East Anglia Tourist Co.
Our touring holidays in the UK are different

We're the number-one for East Anglia touring holidays in the UK. Escorted tours, with guides who have always lived and worked in East Anglia. We take pride in delivering the very best UK touring holidays. We aim to make each and every trip wonderful by sharing our extensive knowledge and taking care of all the little details, leaving you free to enjoy every moment of your holiday.



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